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Activity Day

Fun & GamesPosted by admin Sat, July 17, 2010 12:38:09

"It was very, very, very fun!"

According to James, today's activity day more than lived up to expectations.

The T-shirt painting was a big hit and there were some particularly scary face-paints on display (with Mark's being the most blood-curdling). Fruit kebabs and biscuit decorating kept everyone going until lunchtime and Nathan battled manfully to construct Kingsdon's highest tower!

Outdoors, along with the giant Jenga and connect-four, there was ample sand and water. Those of a more green-thumbed persuasion were able to get their horitcultural fix, decorating pots and then planting in them.

And, although there wasn't quite enough food to feed the 5000, everyone was able to picnic in some style.

Overall, I think we all ended up agreeing with James' assessment.